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These are some of our work samples. Click on the thumbnails to view full-size versions.

Website Design

These are fully-functional websites fully designed and coded by me.


Communication Design

These pieces were mainly used for commercial purposes, for advertising either products, services or events. Designed for print on paper, or for web environments.

Incrediflix Flyer             

 Haunted Hayride Event Advertisement     Fundraiser Coupon     




Logo Design


Photocollages/ Photobooks

These are sample photocollages, mainly used as memorabilia, for keepsakes of special events or occasions.


Photo Blends

These are similar to photo collages,  except are a lot more elaborate and involve a lot of playing with layers, filters and textures.
These were mainly website headers designed for sites dedicated to a particular celebrity. Design style can be used for various other functions - including publication designs like magazine covers.




Merchandise Design

These were designed for print on different types of mediums. (fabrics, porcelain mugs etc)